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Animal Proofing and Exclusion

At Rocky Mountain Wildlife Services, we are here to help you with all your wildlife issues.
Through dedicated service and quality customer relationships, our team has been providing the best service in the industry to the Kalispell, MT community for years. Whether you are in the need of humane pest removal or want to take preventative measures to animal proof your home, we can do it all. Read on to learn more about our services and book your next appointment with us today at (406) 351-1875.

Trusted Animal Proofing 

Prevention of problems before they occur is best. This can be achieved by modifying habitat or animal proofing your structure. This avoids the need to remove offending wildlife and the cost of repairing damage done by them. 
If however a destructive wild animal has already taken up residence we recommend removal of the animal and then any necessary repairs. 

Wildlife is very Opportunistic and adaptive. Animals find many different ways to gain access into structures for the creation of den sites. Therefor, Rocky mountain wildlife services has many reliable methods to prevent future problems by installing barriers on and around your home or business.  These include: 
  • Installation of professional quality chimney caps and screens 
  • Installation of animal proof screens over attic fans, vents, and other problem areas 
  • Repairing holes in roofs, soffits, gutter lines, ETC. 
  • Eliminating burrowing problems with buried screen around stoops, decks, sheds, barns, and foundations 
  • Most repairs and preventive animal proofing is guaranteed for 3 years against animal intrusions. 
Some repairs may require professional carpentry attention. If this is the case we will provide temporary solution until this can be arranged  

Comprehensive Inspections 

Are you suffering from animal damage to your property, but can't seem to get to the source of the problem? At Rocky Mountain Wildlife Services, our team of trained professional have the experience and skills to help you properly identifying the type of animal that is causing the problem so you can take the next steps to solving the issue. No matter the wildlife problem, we will give your property a complete inspection and formulate a personalized strategy for an efficient resolution to your conflict. Let us help you get to the root of your wildlife issue and help you develop an effective plan to keep the pests away.

Humane Animal Removal

Do you have a family of unexpected furry guests calling your home their own? At Rocky Mountain Wildlife Services, we offer our clients effective and humane animal removals for all types of wildlife. Once the species of animal has been identified and their home is located, we develop a customized plan of action to safely remove them from your property. Using humane techniques and expert animal behavioral knowledge, our specialists are able to remove the offending animal in a way that is humane to the animal and your property. No matter the wildlife issue, we are dedicated to making your property a pest-free zone again in the safest way possible. Contact our team today to get an expert's help on your latest animal habitation. 
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